Thanks to their high quality construction and their renown seaworthiness, Allures vessels are in great demand on the second hand market.

We endeavour to satisfy our client owners during the entire life of their boats and we have therefore decided to create a dedicated second hand boats brokerage service within Grand Large Services, the service subsidiary of the Grand Large Yachting group.

This new offering which operates under the name of "Grand Large Services - Pre-owned" is staffed with experienced professionals with the sole mandate of:

  • Promouvoir la vente des bateaux Allures
  • facilitating trade between sellers and buyers
  • ensuring excellent communication about the specificities of the sailboats for sale
  • ensuring the security of the entire transaction
  • taking care of all administrative formalities associated with the sale right through to the deed of sale, including export, de-registration, etc.

To find out more, please contact us on +33 (0)7 86 88 59 45 or by email on